Pasadena Conference Center

300 E Green St.

Pasadena, CA 91101

Room 102

Invited researchers from each area will give a talk (20 minutes) on their perspectives of universal traits of all HRI research, typical properties of significant HRI research, and means to further synergies between the HRI researchers and robotics community at large. Additionally, student researchers have invited to contribute to the workshop program. Student talks (10 minutes) will also address this workshops core questions and share how their research fits in.

Invited researchers and student researchers from different areas will be grouped (see below) and give their talks in one session. It is our hope that some mentoring will occur, and that the resulting talks will be related. Further, such synergies will hopefully leave more time on the schedule for discussion.



8:50 Introduction: Organizers    (slides)

9:00 Invited 1: Nick Roy

9:20 Student 1: David Feil-Seifer    (slides)    (abstract)

9:30 Student 2: Xavier Giralt    (slides)    (abstract)

9:40 Student 3: Tobias Kaupp    (slides)    (abstract)

9:50 Invited 2: Jodi Forlizzi    (slides)

10:10 Discussion

10:40 Coffee Break

11:00 Invited 3: Robin Murphy    (slides)

11:20 Student 4: Marek Michalowski    (slides)    (abstract)

11:30 Student 5: Yasser Mohammad    (slides)    (abstract)

11:40 Invited 4: Rod Grupen    (slides)

12:00 Discussion

12:30 Lunch

2:00 Invited 5: Henrik Christensen    (slides)

2:20 Student 6: Cindy Bethel    (slides)    (abstract)

2:30 Student 7: Fritz Heckel    (slides)    (abstract)

2:40 Student 8: Frank Broz    (slides)    (abstract)

2:50 Invited 6: Greg Trafton    (slides)

3:10 Discussion

3:40 Coffee Break

4:00 Invited 7: Pam Hinds    (slides)

4:20 Student 9: Agostino De Santis    (slides)    (abstract)

4:30 Student 10: Shichao Ou    (slides)    (abstract)

4:40 Invited 8: Maja Mataric

5:00 Discussion

5:30 Wrap-up    (slides)